Isoform Grab&Go is an impressive food and beverage display. Innovative food retailers will appreciate its edgy design, optimised capacity, and clever operational features for improved productivity and health and safety.
Present your premium refrigerated or heated fresh product ranges across two zones: serve-over top display and self-service bottom display. Cross merchandise and upsell on a small footprint. Grow your sales and improve your margin.
Designed on the Isoform platform by FPG.
Exclusively available to customers in New Zealand and Australia.


Isoform Grab&Go Cabinet



Providing the best of both worlds - they slide smoothly and they swing for full access to the cabinet.


Quick and easy to clean. Regular cleaning of the pre-filter can save time and money and extend the life of the cabinet.


Increase display capacity by adding another shelf.

Grab&Go Height (mm) Specification Sheets
Top Display Bottom Display    
Refrigerated Refrigerated 1450 1200 - 2400
Refrigerated Refrigerated - Remote 1350 1200 - 2400
Heated Refrigerated 1450 1200 - 2400
Heated Refrigerated - Remote 1350 1200 - 2400
Heated Heated 1450 1200 - 2400
Heated Heated 1350 1200 - 2400


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Our Customers


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  • FPG is an innovative company with a passion for the highest quality and performance, with a culture of continuous improvement
    Gavin Walker - Director of Equipment – McDonalds
    [Asia, Pacific, Middle East, Africa]


  • The way food is presented and kept fresh is important in our industry. Our FPG cabinets keep food in prime condition for longer, looking great and reducing our waste. Knowing the cabinets meet international compliance offers peace of mind
    Pierre Poyet - Food Beverage Manager Skyline Queenstown

  • We chose FPG display cabinets for all food outlets at Christchurch airport, selling a variety of heated and chilled foods. The look and performance of the units is excellent, combining this with ease of care and maintenance, FPG is a great choice to partner with.
    Steve Hagerty - General Manager - HMS Host

  • Couplands Bakeries New Zealand retail chain runs over 80 inline 5000 series cabinets. FPG’s new technology and build has helped us reduce maintenance and repair costs while accelerating our sales & merchandising capability. FPG cabinets are a key component of our overall offer
    Couplands Operations

  • BP New Zealand Wild Bean Cafe fits all stores with trusted FPG equipment. Partnering with us for over 14 years, FPG has provided us leading edge merchandising units. Our results from FPG skills and technologies are greater sales and better cost of life from our plant
    Marcus Manning - Asset Manager BP New Zealand

  • FPG has helped us equip over 100 United Café Up Stores through our national retail network. FPG’s units successfully display our wide range of merchandise while adding to the wow factor of the United in-store experience
    Mark Harris , National Merchandise Manager - United Petroleum