Freestanding Open Front

An ultra slim open front chiller, designed to comfortably fit into retail aisles. A part of the Visair family of open front food and drink display cabinets, Visair Slimline is heavy duty, low maintenance, and guaranteed to hold product at critical temperatures.

Freestanding Open Front

High capacity heated products displayed at their best. Have peace of mind knowing that your food is consistently safeguarded at core temperature with product freshness and look ensured using new I Wave technology

Freestanding Open Front

Open front food cabinet used by multi-national corporates world wide. Designed for high volume and high customer serve operations.Slide out shelves and split shelving gives excellent cross merchandising

Free Standing Dual Zone

Cross merchandising of heated and refrigerated products in one compact space. Ideal for aisle ends or point-of-sale impulse, increase your sales and deliver consumers what they want, where they want it.

Pass Through

The Heated Pass Through merchandiser has been created for busy supermarkets, C-stores and food service outlets that require high capacity heated products displayed at their best.


Created as a medium duty solution for café, kiosk and c-store - these cabinets provide a plug and go solution that allows 60 door openings per hour while maintaining core product temperatures


Created for the busy food service business wanting to display a large quantity or wide variety of food. The 4000 Series cabinets are proven for 85 door openings an hour while still maintaining core product temperatures


This premier heavy duty cabinet is trusted by multi-national corporate clients worldwide. The cabinet can have 120 door openings an hour while still maintaining core product temperatures


Ergonomically designed as an innovative solution for café environments, the Barista Refrigerated Milk Drawer is the best in class solution for high capacity milk storage.


The GN Series is the ideal choice for your buffet, salad bar or refrigerated food display. The unique display well has three adjustable levels. Easily installed into existing counters with optional flat, curved or serve over gantries


FPG’s premier cabinet range provides our corporate clients with a customised bespoke range of heated or refrigerated displays that meet stringent global standards. Seen in the top food service outlets in 40 countries



Our Customers


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  • FPG is an innovative company with a passion for the highest quality and performance, with a culture of continuous improvement
    Gavin Walker - Director of Equipment – McDonalds
    [Asia, Pacific, Middle East, Africa]


  • The way food is presented and kept fresh is important in our industry. Our FPG cabinets keep food in prime condition for longer, looking great and reducing our waste. Knowing the cabinets meet international compliance offers peace of mind
    Pierre Poyet - Food Beverage Manager Skyline Queenstown

  • We chose FPG display cabinets for all food outlets at Christchurch airport, selling a variety of heated and chilled foods. The look and performance of the units is excellent, combining this with ease of care and maintenance, FPG is a great choice to partner with.
    Steve Hagerty - General Manager - HMS Host

  • Couplands Bakeries New Zealand retail chain runs over 80 inline 5000 series cabinets. FPG’s new technology and build has helped us reduce maintenance and repair costs while accelerating our sales & merchandising capability. FPG cabinets are a key component of our overall offer
    Couplands Operations

  • BP New Zealand Wild Bean Cafe fits all stores with trusted FPG equipment. Partnering with us for over 14 years, FPG has provided us leading edge merchandising units. Our results from FPG skills and technologies are greater sales and better cost of life from our plant
    Marcus Manning - Asset Manager BP New Zealand

  • FPG has helped us equip over 100 United Café Up Stores through our national retail network. FPG’s units successfully display our wide range of merchandise while adding to the wow factor of the United in-store experience
    Mark Harris , National Merchandise Manager - United Petroleum