J Vaughan

March, 2020

One of the risk management strategies FPG has consistently deployed is establishing dual, sometimes triple, supply arrangements of key components.

That strategy is currently paying off.

While the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak in China has significantly disrupted international supply chains and made-in-China manufacturers, it’s business as usual at FPG.

Group General Manager Jared Vaughan says, “While we run our business along lean lines and build to order, we have established a good stock of critical components for our cabinets. Given our ability to source components from multiple suppliers and that we are made-in-NZ, we have a buffer to what’s currently happening globally.

“Our message to customers is that we are well positioned to deliver orders. And if you need to mitigate a disrupted supply of food display cabinets, our doors are open. We’re happy to have a chat to see if we can help you – whether that is a short- or long-term response.”