Antarctica Equipment Team and Robert 2023
Robert Darroch (FPG Managing Director and CEO) with Gaurav Mittal (Antarctica Equipment CEO), Mr. Vinod Mittal (Antarctica Equipment Founder) and team

November 2023

Last month, Robert visited India to meet with FPG business partner Gaurav Mittal of Antarctica Equipment. Robert last visited Gaurav during pre-Covid times in June 2018, so on this visit Robert was able to visit the new Antarctica plant which was opened in October 2021.

Located in IMT Manesar Gurugram, Haryana, Gaurav’s new facilities cover over 40,000 ft2 (~3,716m2). There is plenty of space to manufacture FPG Inline Series, Inline Tower and Visair Slimline refrigerated cabinets. Concurrently, Gaurav has built the Antarctica team up and today they have 74 enthusiastic employees.

Gaurav commented that, “Robert’s visit was an eye opener. We realised that while we have achieved a great deal moving into the new plant, there is more to be done. We drafted an Organisational Structure and Action Plan which I am now implementing over the coming months.”

Robert was impressed by the new facility and the opportunity it presents. He responded by saying, “The visit was also an eye opener for me. Gaurav and his team are making a significant jump forward to becoming world class in India. While there is a lot to do with the implementation of a new ERP system, Gaurav now has a modern facility with plenty of capacity. He has a significant opportunity to build the culture and transition the company into one of the leading temperature-controlled cabinet manufactures in India. I can say that the transformation from the early days of the factory in Sonipat to the new facility in Gurgaon is nothing short of amazing. Together with the wider FPG team, I congratulate the Mittal family on having the confidence in our joint future by making the significant investment into the new facility and staff.”

Enjoy the photos of Antarctica Equipment’s new facilities below.

Antarctic Equipment office space
Gaurav Mittal, CEO of Antarctica Equipment, in the new office space

Antartica Equipment Office Hub
Antarctica Equipment's modern new office space

Antarctica Equipment ShowroomAntarctica Equipment Showroom cabinetsAntarctica Equipment interactive showroom
Antarctica Equipment's interactive showroom

Antarctica Equipment factory floor

Antarctica Equipment FcatoryAntarctica Equipment FactoryAntarctica Equipment Factory
Antarctica Equipment's factory floor

Gaurav and Vinod Mittal
Gaurav and Vinod Mittal at Antarctica Equipment's new manufacturing plant

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