Photo showing: FPG Senior Project Account Manager - Paul Trower

May 2020

As a long-standing employee, Paul Trower, NZ Senior Project Account Manager, recently celebrated a significant work anniversary. He shared some insights into his career with FPG to date.

How long have you been with FPG?
28 years. I started at FPG in May 1992 and today I’m the longest serving employee at FPG. I have worked across the business: joinery, sheet metal, assembly, installation, project management, account management, quoting, and production management. This experience enables me to be solutions focused - for the benefit of the customers I work with. I enjoy my time with customers and growing relationships with them. Having a respectful relationship makes it easy to do business for both parties.

Why have you stayed with FPG?
Robert Darroch (FPG Managing Director and CEO) approached me in 1992 with a dream for his company. He had goals and was inspiring; he needed motivated people to join him to make his dream a reality. Along the way Robert recruited exceptional people to join the team and keep his dream heading in the right direction. We enjoyed our work and strove hard to achieve success. We were rewarded for our efforts which helped us all get ahead in life. There was a team approach - and coaching others with new skills made the team stronger and more flexible, which in turn made the company stronger. I enjoyed that.

We were all delighted with the accolades FPG and Robert received over the years. I was proud when FPG was named Business of the Year by our local Chamber of Commerce in 1998 and Robert was named Business Person of the Year in 2013.

I have also enjoyed opportunities to learn. One highlight was going to the USA in 2007 with a group from Foodstuffs New Zealand. We were looking for new ideas to take back and it was great to see them implemented in a local supermarket.

Reflecting back on your career with FPG, what are your top three work highlights or memorable moments?
Wow, there are a few.

  1. I started out as a joiner. So, to be appointed Foreman within the first three months of starting was a boost.
  2. FPG’s rapid expansion - there were only 6 of us when I started. Now we have 125 employees in New Zealand and around 25 located in Indonesia and China complemented with business and technology partners in New Zealand, the UK, Europe, India and UAE.
  3. Being involved with CAD (computer-aided design) in the early days. We were one of the first in our region (Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand) to get the CAD machinery - it was leading edge. FPG still makes a significant investment in specialist equipment to support our full solutions proposition - our most recent acquisitions include a Strippit punch press.

I am very proud to be part of a globally recognised brand in our industry.

Over that time, you will have learnt a lot about retail and food displays. Are there any insights or gems that you would like to share? Secrets to retail/food display success that our customers might be interested in?
Regardless of trends or changing menus, the presentation of food is where it’s at. Food needs to be fresh and inviting. If it looks good, it will sell! I genuinely believe it’s worth investing in quality displays that make the most of your food product and stand the test of time.