Warranty Procedure

Customer and Service Agents

To maintain the ongoing validity of the Warranty, please ensure that:

  • The warranty registration form supplied with the cabinet and also available online has been completed and returned to FPG.
  • All technicians servicing the cabinets are aware of the Warranty Terms and Conditions – customer-specific Warranty Terms and Conditions are published in Cabinet Manuals.
  • All new equipment supplied by FPG is serviced by trained technicians/engineers, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for the full warranty period, to ensure the ongoing validity of the warranty. 
    - For refrigerated cabinets, this includes quarterly preventative maintenance to ensure the cabinet is well maintained and operating at peak performance.
  • A full set of historical service and preventative maintenance records is maintained and provided to FPG for the review and processing of a warranty claim relating to condensing unit failure in refrigerated cabinets equipped with integral or near-remote refrigeration.
  • Spare parts are sourced from FPG.

Caution! The following actions will immediately void the manufacturer warranty:

  • Unauthorised repairs or alterations
  • Use of parts not supplied by FPG
  • Failure to follow manufacturer’s installation instructions, service manuals and operator guides
  • Servicing by a person other than a trained technician or engineer.

Warranty Claims Process

FPG will not be held responsible for any servicing costs incurred prior to FPG’s acceptance of a warranty claim.

The warranty claims process is determined by the cabinet’s location:

  1. Australia & New Zealand
  2. International (outside Australia & New Zealand)

In all cases, FPG will not be held responsible for any servicing costs incurred prior to FPG’s acceptance of a warranty claim.

  • No warranty repair should proceed where costs exceed the equivalent of US$300.00 per repair to an individual FPG cabinet without prior approval by FPG
  • All condensing unit failures must be notified to FPG within 24 hours – FPG may send the failed unit to OEM for analysis
  • Claims will only be approved if parts have been determined to be faulty by FPG.

1. Australia & New Zealand

a) Please contact FPG Customer Services and advise the cabinet serial number and details on the fault. Cabinet servicing records may also be requested. A unique SR number will be assigned – to be referred to in any subsequent communication

Australia Freephone: 1800 813 745
New Zealand Freephone: 0800 367 374
Email: support [at] fpgworld.com

b) FPG will arrange for its service partner to visit and assess the cabinet, and to resolve the cabinet fault:

i. FPG may request authority from you to pre-charge your credit card for the service call
ii. If FPG accepts the warranty claim, we will pay for resolving the fault and where applicable, reimburse your credit card
iii. If FPG does not accept the warranty claim, any additional cost in resolving the fault will be charged to the Customer via invoice or credit card

2. International

Outside Australia and New Zealand, to make a warranty claim:

a) Please complete the Warranty Claim Form and email this together with supporting photos showing the fault and a copy of the cabinet service record to FPG.

Email: support [at] fpgworld.com
Telephone: +64 6 843 3249 (NZ time 8am – 5pm)

b) All claims must be submitted within 60 days from the repair date, otherwise the claim may be void

c) From time to time FPG may require faulty parts to be analysed by the OEM manufacturer. FPG will make a special request for the faulty parts to be stored and will arrange for their collection. The following parts in particular must be held by the service agent for 14 working days following fault resolution:

  • Evaporators
  • Compressors
  • Solid state control boards - such as Dixell controller, Carel controller, Elstat controller, electronic float switch etc.

Depending on outcome of a root cause investigation, FPG reserves the right to reject a warranty claim based on fault root cause.

Unless a special request is made, all other parts can be sent to recycling or scrapped in the field.

Download FPG Warranty Procedure