No 5 Cafe and Larder front entrance

November 2023

Businesses are about people. When they go through adversity and come through the other side better, stronger, and optimistic for the future, it warrants celebration. In this story, we celebrate No. 5 Café & Larder, a Hastings-based business located in Hawke’s Bay on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

On Valentine’s Day 2023 Cyclone Gabrielle hit Hawke’s Bay. With deluges in the back country hills, the impact was significant, especially for those located near rivers which overflowed their banks. The volume of water was incredible and tragically claimed lives.

No 5 Cafe and Larder flood damage from Cyclone Gabrielle
Photos supplied by No.5 Café & Larder

For No. 5 Café & Larder owners, Sarah and Johnny Duncan, it was devastating. The Café and adjacent facilities, including larder and gift shop, Golflands, golf driving range and other family-friendly activities suffered flooding at 1.5m high which took a week to subside. The community responded:

Fast forward 7 months, and in September 2023, No. 5 Café & Larder was relaunched with a Mission: To build wonderful memories and great experiences through relaxed, comfortable hospitality and recreation for everyone to enjoy.

From adversity, renewed beginnings.

FPG’s relationship with Sarah and Johnny started in 2011 when FPG was contracted to design and build the customer-facing area of the café including merchandising display stands. In 2019, FPG designed and built the Function Bar and Proshop - the latter a golf and activities accessory shop for co-located activities.

No 5 Cafe and Larder 2011
Original design of No.5 Café & Larder, 2011

During the post-Cyclone recovery, Johnny came to FPG for the re-build. The insurance covered like for like, however there was scope for the Café operations and food service to be updated to reflect today’s trends.

FPG created the new Café to accommodate new menu ideas, operations, and customer flow. The design is modern and uses materials including vertical oak battens of variable widths and thickness underlit by a LED lighting strip for enhanced ambience. The benchtop is hard-wearing Corian®Solid Surface. FPG Inline 4000 Series refrigerated food display cabinets were installed for ready to eat menu items and complemented with a new coffee station, sparkling water unit, and integrated ice cream display cabinet. Beautifully designed and beautifully executed.

The Function Bar and Proshop were largely re-built like for like, with the addition a coffee station in the Proshop for customer convenience and enjoyment.

No 5 Cafe and Larder new cafe after HB floods
New design of No.5 Café & Larder, 2023

Copyright-Photo / Paul Taylor - No 5 Cafe and Larder
Johnny Duncan, left, wife Sarah amd Hastings Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst reopen No.5 Cafe & Larder. Photo / Paul Taylor

“As you can imagine, it was a challenging time for us dealing with the enormous impact of Cyclone Gabrielle, but having wonderful partners like FPG involved in the rebuild made such a big difference.

They understood our vision and the importance of getting back on our feet as quickly as possible. They were both wonderful to work with and efficient in getting the job done, completing the project within the timeframe and budget originally agreed to. They’ve helped us create a new cafe environment that we are so proud of, and that our customers tell us they absolutely love! “

Johnny & Sarah Duncan, No.5 Café & Larder, Golflands (Hawke’s Bay) Ltd

No 5 Cafe and Larder new cafe and food offer
Modern counter with FPG food display cabinet, POS and coffee stations

No 5 Cafe and Larder new joinery

No 5 Cafe and Larder new features in cafe
New Café includes many stunning features

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