24/7 Technical Support

Firstline Technical Support
Firstline technical support is provided by your technical service partner. We recommend that you establish a Service Level Agreement with your service partner that encompasses both preventative maintenance and technical support response times appropriate to the degree of impact on your business.

Don’t have a technical service partner?
Please contact us if you need help to identify a partner to service your FPG cabinets: support [at] fpgworld.com (subject: Technical%20Support%20website%20query)

Second line Technical Support
Sometimes your technical service partner needs our support to resolve an issue. FPG is ready to provide second line technical support to your technical service partner. This service is provided in English.

We will respond to requests for technical support within 24 hours.

For technical support required in relation to a potential warranty claim, please refer to our Warranty Procedure

24/7 Telephone Contact


T 1800 813 745
F 1800 813 746


T +62 811 152 7288


T 0800 367 374
F +64 6 843 0854


T 0808 234 7922


T +64 6 843 0853
F +64 6 843 0854


You may prefer to email us. Please contact us at support [at] fpgworld.com (subject: Technical%20Support%20website%20query)

Required Information

To enable us to progress your request for technical support as efficiently as possible please provide the following details:

  • Customer site
  • FPG cabinet model and serial number
  • Details of the issue to be resolved – please include any environmental factors that could be contributing to the issue. If appropriate, please email us photos that clearly highlight the issue.

Resources available to your Technical Service Partner

Your service partner has access to online resources such as manuals and ‘how to’ videos.  

FPG manuals are comprehensive, containing information on regular servicing requirements (cleaning and technical maintenance), troubleshooting, and spare parts list.  

FPG recommends a ‘train the trainer’ approach to educating technical service partners on our cabinets.

Please contact us for more information support [at] fpgworld.com (subject: Technical%20Support%20website%20query)

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